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The SWITCH programme aims to support MSME (micro, small, and medium sized) suppliers in developing countries in global value chains to adopt circular economy practices.  This platform provides a series of interactive games to help companies get started.
Start going circular today

Start going circular today

We are working with organizations in Bangladesh and in Morocco to assess circular economy needs within the textiles and garments and the plastic packaging value chains (respectively).
Track 1
A linear sector
Global value chains are almost entirely linear
Track 2
The basics of the Circular Economy
A strategy to address the sector's negative impacts
Track 3
Applying the 8 Key Elements
How can the Key Elements framework help identify circular opportunities?
Track 4
Why make the switch?
Regulatory requirements and opportunities
Track 5
Barriers to recycling
The barriers that hinder effective recycling practices
Track 6
How traceability enables circularity

Enroll in the assessment

Enroll in the SWITCH2CE capacity assessment by signing up on the platform and completing the different modules relevant to your industry.
Upskill your team

Upskill your team

After you and your team have completed the assessment, you will be eligible for the SWITCH2CE circular economy training program!


The SWITCH2CE project team is very grateful to our numerous collaborators and partners in Bangladesh and in Morocco for their invaluable input and support—the creation of the modules on this platform would not have been possible without them:

Global Fashion Agenda
Le Plastique
Circular Apparel Innovation Factory
Rouleau Plast
H&M Group
Reverse Resources
Achraf Plastique
Fakir Group
DBL group

Switch to Circular Economy Value Chains aims to support MSME (micro, small, and medium sized) suppliers in developing countries in the value chains of large EU manufacturers and buyers to jointly identify, adopt and excel in circular economy practices. 

Switch EU MFAF

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